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New Year, New You?

For the last two weeks I’ve missed fearless Friday posts. Although I have still been practicing the fearless lifestyle, priorities must sometimes take a shift and this blog had to take a backseat. First due to a family emergency and second because of family and a desperate need for real rest and self care.  Do... Continue Reading →

Easy Skincare Routine

This weeks post is a follow up from last weeks makeup hygiene post! Healthy, blemish free skin starts from the inside. What you eat and how much water you drink plays the most important role in the health of your largest organ. After that is proper skin care. Ladies (and gentlemen!) you need to wash... Continue Reading →

6 Curl Secrets

Ok they aren't really secrets but they are lessons I have learned along the way to getting my hair to where it is today. It's not an easy process to rescue curly hair if you have been damaging it for years with heat like I had. With a little patience and the desire to find... Continue Reading →

My Healthy Hair Journey

Most of my life I straightened my hair. I hated my curly frizzy mess of a mop. I would straighten it daily and dye it all the time. Since having my daughter not only do I not have the time to be straightening my hair everyday but I want to set an example of embracing... Continue Reading →

Preparing for Cold Season

Well my entire household was sick last week. You know how it is. Kleenex everywhere, cough drop wrappers, empty medicine containers, and a bunch of grumps! It was a reminder that we are sneaking up on cold season. Last year was rough in my house, with kids in and out for play dates we had... Continue Reading →

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