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Health. Beauty. Love. Motherhood

Do you plan out new goals and then tell yourself "I'll start Monday." Yeah? Me too. I'm changing that in my own life. Start embracing every goal as soon as possible! Life is happening right now, and every minute counts. Want to join me in this fearless friday mindset? I will be posting every Friday... Continue Reading →

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Best Podcasts of 2018

Today I want to share some of my favorite podcasts. With the new year coming these are the podcasts that inspire me to get my life together and pump me up for the day. Podcasts are a great way to fit in some learning when you have a busy schedule. Are any of these your... Continue Reading →

4 Healthy Shopping Tips

With the new year coming up I want to give you some tips for success in the healthy eating department. This starts with how you shop. If you are a prepared shopper then you are less likely to eat out and more likely to eat home cooked meals. I'm not going to talk how to... Continue Reading →

New Year, New You?

For the last two weeks I’ve missed fearless Friday posts. Although I have still been practicing the fearless lifestyle, priorities must sometimes take a shift and this blog had to take a backseat. First due to a family emergency and second because of family and a desperate need for real rest and self care.  Do... Continue Reading →

Holiday Gift Guide 2018

I wanted to give you a one stop shop for the holidays with a detailed gift guide. My goal is to make the holidays easy. This weeks gift guide will be things specifically from my store and next week I will have a follow up guide with other ideas to fill the gaps so to... Continue Reading →

Self Care Routine

After being sick most of the week this week it seems only fitting to talk about self care. I set aside a day each week, no matter what I have going on, where I have at least 2 hours for whatever I want. This is so important to reset and get motivated to keep working... Continue Reading →

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