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4 Healthy Shopping Tips

With the new year coming up I want to give you some tips for success in the healthy eating department. This starts with how you shop. If you are a prepared shopper then you are less likely to eat out and more likely to eat home cooked meals. I’m not going to talk how to meal prep but instead shopping prep.

1. It starts with a meal plan. This doesn’t have to be a fancy chart. I do mine as a simple list. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are the four categories you want to cover. List out the meal ideas first. Then assign each meal to a day to create your schedule.

2. Once you know what you will be making, it’s time to make the shopping list. I do this routine so much now that I actually am able to write my lists in order by aisle which is great cause it ensures I don’t forget anything!

3. Once your shopping is done there is still some more work to do. Take your schedule that you created in the beginning and see if any meats will need to be frozen based on when you will be cooking it. Then put the schedule somewhere visible in your kitchen so you can stick to it.

4. Lastly and most importantly make sure that you have quick snacks and at least two quick meal options. Life happens, things come up that are out of our control. By having some back ups that are quick and easy then you are less likely to order pizza when your day runs later than you thought.

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