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New Year, New You?

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For the last two weeks I’ve missed fearless Friday posts. Although I have still been practicing the fearless lifestyle, priorities must sometimes take a shift and this blog had to take a backseat. First due to a family emergency and second because of family and a desperate need for real rest and self care. 

Do you write out your priorities? Do you re-evaluate them regularly? This is something I am personally still mastering. I get very focused on one current goal, which is not bad unless I start to burn out. That is when I need to practice shifting priorities. If I don’t then the easiest way out of falling behind is simple…quit. Then you aren’t behind anymore, right? Then you are starting over fresh. This can turn into a habit of excuses, quitting, and then starting over. We convince ourselves that starting over is the best option because that is what always works best for us in this cycle. When in reality it’s just the only option we’ve given ourselves.

We need to try a different road, a harder road, but a road full of priorities, thoughtfulness and perhaps most importantly forgiveness. Instead of quitting, take a break and forgive yourself if that break puts you behind on the big goal. Then jump back in with new ideas and hopefully a shift in what is most important. Just because something has you stuck does not mean that it is to hard for you to conquer. I am talking about work goals, health goals, family goals, all the goals that have been on your mind all year. From waking up earlier to getting that big promotion, don’t stop now when life is stressful.

Why is this important to this blog? Well with the craziness of the holidays and the impending new year full of resolutions it’s important to keep focused. It’s important to start now and not just say “Well the year is almost over, I’ll jump back on next year.” So take a break if you need to, go have a spa day and don’t go shopping in the holiday chaos on your only day off. Write down those resolutions and the steps you can take today to make it happen. You will feel so much more fearless going into the new year prepared.

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