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Self Care Routine

After being sick most of the week this week it seems only fitting to talk about self care. I set aside a day each week, no matter what I have going on, where I have at least 2 hours for whatever I want. This is so important to reset and get motivated to keep working on my current goals. With the holiday season upon us make sure you are taking your time!

Today I want to share with you what this looks like for me in hopes of inspiring you to do something similar.

1. Hair/Face Mask. This is how I start my time cause I can keep this on while I do other things and finish my self care with a hot shower.

2. Plan. I then look at my planner and organize my schedule for the next week. This may sound more like work to some but I can’t relax until I know the important stuff is out of the way.

3. Yoga/Meditation. Don’t knock it till you try it. This is great to relax mind and body and alleviate any soreness from the workouts of the week. And if I didn’t make time for this during the week then at least I know I have this specific time set aside.

4. Journal. Next it’s time to get all the shit out of my head and on to paper. This writing is not pretty. No sentences or pretty metaphors. Just lists, words, feelings. Basically whatever comes to mind goes on paper.

5. Friends. Next I call and check in with a girlfriend. I love hearing from my friends and using this time to lift each other up no matter what we have going on.

6. Clean my room. This is again work for some but I feel so much better starting the new week with a clean room. Even though I’m cleaning this is the time when my mind starts to sort through all the stuff that I had written down. I call this mindless cleaning, because I get a bunch done without even realizing because I’m so wrapped up in my thoughts. Anyone else do this?

7. Hot Shower or Bath. Last and my favorite. Take your time and take the kind of shower you don’t have time for during the week. For me being a stay at home I only have time to shower quickly, like 5 minutes, so this is so nice!

What’s your self care routine? Any similarities to mine?

I hope this inspires you to take some time for yourself this weekend! Even if it’s just a longer shower than normal!

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