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6 Curl Secrets

Ok they aren’t really secrets but they are lessons I have learned along the way to getting my hair to where it is today. It’s not an easy process to rescue curly hair if you have been damaging it for years with heat like I had. With a little patience and the desire to find what will work for you, the change can be amazing.

Basic steps

  1. Stop using heat! or at least minimize it. No straightening or curling irons and if you blow dry use a lower heat setting. This is the hardest and most important step. Its hard because you won’t see results from this right away. Your hair will still be frizzy and dry but after a few months you will start to see changes. Did I mention this takes patience?
  2. Cut off the dead ends. I started with a trim then I went short. I was terrified because I loved my long hair but I have no regrets. It was a huge improvement and my hair has so much more volume without all those dead ends weighing it down. I miss my long hair but I love knowing that when it’s long again it will look so much better than it ever has.
  3. Go Curly Girl Approved. No sulfates, no parabens, and no silicones. These chemicals are not necessary and very drying. Silicones make your hair shiny but they seal out moisture, silicone is plastic after all, slowly drying out your hair and creating more frizz in the long term. A popular silicone in conditioners is dimethicone, so check your labels. If you spend money on anything get a really nice deep conditioner so detangling is easier on you. The hardest part of this step was shampoo. They don’t lather and that can be weird. Here’s some shampoo tips:
    1. Shea moisture makes some great shampoos that do lather slightly if you want to easy into it.
    1. If you use a No Poo- conditioning shampoo that doesn’t lather, the get a scalp massaging brush. You can get them cheap on amazon and they help you feel like you are getting that deep clean.
    1. There are videos on the YouTube that can give you tips on what to use and how to use it.
  4. Don’t brush your hair after you are out of the shower. Use that amazing conditioner you invested in and brush your hair in the shower. It’s gotten to the point where I can just use my hands to brush my hair in the shower but it took finding the right deep conditioner to be able to do that. I mention it in my video
  5. Test Products- experiment because all curls are different. Watch YouTube videos of people that have similar curls and start with following their routines. Then build your own routine from there.
  6. My personal product application/post shower routine- Check out the video on my FB business page!

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