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My Healthy Hair Journey

Most of my life I straightened my hair. I hated my curly frizzy mess of a mop. I would straighten it daily and dye it all the time. Since having my daughter not only do I not have the time to be straightening my hair everyday but I want to set an example of embracing natural beauty for her. After not using heat on my hair for a year I started doing research into ingredients in my hair care products. Becoming a mom had also made me hyper aware of all the harsh ingredients that are unnecessary in products. Since I was making sure these ingredients weren’t in my daughters products I began cutting them from my products as well. This started with my hair products.

Sulfates, Parabens, and Silicones are harsh drying ingredients that were still damaging my hair even though I wasn’t using heat. After watching many YouTube videos I began using SheaMoisture products. These were the more affordable option and they definitely made my hair softer! But I needed more moisture and better styling products. I decided to splurge and bought a bunch of Deva Curl products. They changed my hair forever. Not only were the free of the harsh ingredients but they were full of healthy moisturizing ingredients. 

[Deva Curl Product I use: Decadence No Poo, Decadence Conditioner, B’Leave In, Supercream, and Light Defining Gel]

YouTube: curlypenny, spisha, biancareneetoday, India Batson

After a year of seeing my hair change I knew it was time to start changing other products over to natural ingredients. I started using Myers cleaning products, and Burt’s Bee’s skincare. Next was makeup. There are lots of natural makeup brands but I didn’t like the feel of any of them. They were either cakey feeling or they didn’t last long. I finally discovered Sweet Minerals. I didn’t feel like I was wearing makeup, which is my favorite kind of makeup. It lasts all day, its sweat-proof, and provides sun protection! I loved it so much I signed up to become an educator and now I LOVE sharing it with everyone.

If you want to know more about why to avoid these ingredients and other ingredients to avoid, Food Babe wrote an excellent post about it.

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